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Photo by Bogdan Locovei on Unsplash

We are afraid.
Afraid of what the world might say.
Afraid of what will happen another day.
Giving up on all our happiness.
Because, we are afraid.

Letting go of the love of our life.
Letting go of all the hard work we have put in.
Burning them all down.
Because, we are afraid.

Sometimes we do think of standing our ground.
Say that we don’t care what the world think or say.
But then again, we back down.
Because, we are afraid.

This is not just me and you.
This is what they do too.
And all of us.
Because, We are afraid.


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Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

I think I know how it feels.
That deep emptiness and loneliness within.
Like the whole world collapsed when you weren't expecting it to.

Life is full of ups and downs.
And sometimes, the world can be cruel.
Everything will be alright and time will heal it for you.

You’ll not always get what you want and hope for.
This is life and it preparing you.

Nothing is lost. It’s just a start and there is a long way to go.
Because you’ll always have friends and family around.
And, you know that I’ll be there by your side too.

Your Friend ♥️

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Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash

The world of Information and Technology has evolved over the years and the need for qualified human resource to keep up with this has also increased day by day. Nepal is also trying to keep up with this fast-paced growth. However, there are more vacant technology jobs in the market than ever before.

The primary assets to fill these vacant posts are fresh college graduates, who still have to complete their internship before passing out. And this is where the difficulty begins.

Observations on Internship program in Nepal:

1) Limited internship programs

Although IT companies in Nepal are springing up every year, most of them don’t have any internship programs. A maximum portion of these companies are small startups and don’t have the time & resource to teach the newbies. …

Sharing my personal experience

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I am a very lazy person and it is not good for my profession as a Designer.

However, I constantly search the internet for news and blog posts to read. I follow a lot of blogs and check them out regularly.

But I had a problem.

I would never completely read an article or would always lose interest after reading a few lines. It was not because the content were boring and uninteresting, but mostly because the layout were not pleasant for the eyes and hard to read.

The small font size, compact line height, the distracting sidebar and not to forget the irritating subscribe pop-up box from out of no where. …

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Photo by Ramón Salinero on Unsplash

“Facebook Me” — The first thing people say whenever they want to keep in touch these days.

We constantly post selfies and food pics on Instagram, share stories on Snapchat, don’t even get me started on those group conversations on WhatsApp, Viber and yeah, the never-ending tweet feed from strangers on Twitter.

Virtual empathy has become a thing now. Liking, commenting, retweeting and sharing posts that we can relate to, and we feel like we’ve fulfilled our part of being socialized.

We have stepped into a generation where everyone is just a click away and meeting in person is not considered that important anymore. …

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I know, there are a lot of similar articles starting with the title 10 things to do this and 10 ways to become that. To tell you the truth, this one is not that different. However, I am writing this fairly from my personal experiences.

First things, first…

1. Stay away from people who demotivate you

Motivation is crucial when you are working in a field where you have to convert emotions into designs. Having people around who constantly demotivate you or always underestimate your potential, is a big NO !! NO !!.

I’m NOT telling you to ignore every criticism you get, but there is a big difference between constructive criticisms and just flat on negative comments. …

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A list of channels that provide full tutorials as well as tips and tricks.

As you may know Sketch is an amazing digital design tool for Mac. And, ever since I started using it, I’ve stopped using Photoshop for UI projects.

With every new tool, it takes time to get adapted to the various functions it offer. And like every other creative professional, you need to learn it from scratch or need someone to teach you & give you tips.

Below, I have tried to list a few amazing youtube channels that will help you boost up your sketch skills.


Sketch tutorials along with how to use their craft plugin with sketch and InVision. …

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Spotify is an amazing online music streaming service, with a huge library and excellent playlists. Sadly, its not available in Nepal yet, but we can still use it via a vpn service.

I have been using Spotify for the last 3 yrs now.

Follow the steps below to use it on a Mac or a Windows PC :-

  • Download the Spotify desktop app from their website according to your operating system.
  • Download and install a free VPN app. In my case, I use Tunnelbear as they provide free 200MB data and is also very easy to use.
  • Create a simple account in Tunnelbear and you are ready to go in minutes. …

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My personal story

I have always been fascinated by technology, art, design and music ever since my childhood days. The backside of my school notebooks used to be filled with drawings, mostly band logo arts and sketches, but I was bad at it all. I remember, back then when our teacher asked us what we wanted to become when we grew up? I had blindly answered, “A Computer Engineer ” when most of my friends wanted to become a doctor.

After school, I became a management student and because of my interest in music, I started a small music store with the help of my uncle. …


Saroj Shahi

A multi-disciplinary digital designer. Photography, Art and Music Enthusiast. Here to get some thoughts out of my head.

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